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    Hey guys! I’m Clement from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and I’m currently studying Industrial Design in University of New South Wales in Sydney. I’m 19 years old and love cooking very much.

    I wasn’t really interested into cooking before until the time when I’m going to start my university life soon. Like many other university students, I’ve got to learn how to cook for the first time to feed myself, friends and families, anytime and anywhere. At that time, my dream is not only just to cook for survival, but to cook some real yummy food with passion and love. I also wanted to cook and learn something different… and Korean food has started my wonderful journey.

    I chose Korean food instead of other cuisines because Korean food is very underrated and not as popular as French, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and etc. That was my main reason because I like to try new things. Besides that, I found that Korean cooking is not that complicated and the ingredients are relatively easy to find. What I love about Korean food is that we treat Korean food as our medicine. A lot of Korean dishes are well-known for their medicinal or healing properties such as Kimchi (김치), Hobajuk (호박죽), Doenjang jjigae ((된장찌개) and many more. Moreover, I like the fact that Korean food is not over-spiced so that we could smell and taste the original flavour of the dishes. Korean cooking always uses fresh and healthy ingredients which is why Korean diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world.

    There are so many ways that I could describe Korean food, It’s very simple and honest cooking, lots of different flavours, colourful, healthy, artistic and etc. I would always use my five senses to appreciate Korean food before, while and after eating. Somehow in a strange way, whenever I cook Korean food at home for my friends and family, whenever I’m eating at a Korean restaurant (and the best thing is, thanks to Korean food, I can read Korean now!) I feel like I’m at home, so Korean food it’s a comfort food for me and It has definitely changed my life. I’ve got to say…that’s pretty amazing.

    I would like to say a very big thank you to Maangchi as well because Maangchi is the one that inspires me in everything. I always look up to Maangchi. In my opinion, Korean food has a big potential to become the next big thing and I’m very impressed with the innovative Taste of Korea team and the hardworking Korea Tourism Organization in the way how they promote Korean food to the world. I can say that Korean food is a role model for other countries that are also working hard to promote their cuisines.

    By the way, at the same time, I like cooking Malaysian food and very interested to promote my very own cuisine. Malaysian food is also very underrated and if you are not familiar with Malaysian food, do check it out or ask me anything about it if you are curious about Malaysian food.

    My last words? All the best to Korea and Maangchi!

    Thank You.

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