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    Thank you very much for this website. I found it few weeks ago in August of 2009. I greatly enjoy the site.

    I was born in Seoul, South Korea and have moved to the states shortly after I was born. I currently reside in central North Carolina and enjoy the area. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to go back and visit my home city of Seoul. I am pretty sure things have changed in the last 30 years of not being there. I do plan on going back one of these days. I loved it every time my mother (full blooded Korean)cooked for me when I was young, but ever since my mother passed away back in 1995 I was lost without the wonderful foods. I have searched the internet to find a decent website that would have a lot of her recipes that she made for me while I was a little boy. During that time, from then to now, I was unsuccessful of find a good site, until recently that is.

    When I found this site and saw all the recipes that you had, my eyes lit up as bright as the sun and my heart filled with joy. I finally found a site that had all the foods my mother made (maybe a few missing, but that doesn’t matter).

    I’ve been with my wife for around four years now and when I met her, she didn’t know what real Korean food was. I took her to a restaurant in Savannah, GA (my hometown), the only restaurant I knew of, and she fell in love with the food. . I have also found a few more restaurants else where around the city I live in and have had the opportunity to enjoy myself at each one. Then I found your site. I have since made your version of the Bulgogi and my wife and I loved it and it reminded me so much of my mothers cooking

    I have modified the Bulgogi recipe just slightly, so that the meat was more of a cube shape instead of the slices, for a friends birthday party. I made the dish in a kabob style for easy finger style food. Everyone that attended the party never knew of Korean food and never tried it. When I came in to the kitchen to prepare the dish, everybody that was there was hovering over the dish smelling the wonderful smell of the marinade. They all stated that they could probably eat the dish right out of the bowl, raw and all. I obviously advised not to and to sit tight for the cooking of. When I was finished grilling the dish and placed them on the table for everyone, I had enough time to turn around and turn back and the plate was practically empty. Luckily enough, I was able to get one before they were completely gone. Just to say, that everyone loved the recipe and I told them about your site. I haven’t had to many opportunities to make some of your dishes but I do plan on it and I will post them for everyone to see.

    Thank you very much for this website. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I haven’t found it. I missed true Korean food so much that I was practically going crazy. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing what else you plan on putting on the site.

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