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“Hello~!! Greetings from Selma, CA!!”

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  • started 5 years ago by ajma417
  1. Hi, my name is Austin.. and I am 100% Korean~~ :)
    I just wanted to thank Maangchi because my mom/grandma never taught me how to cook~~ slowly, since I got married about 3.5 years ago, I've begun my adventures in cooking. I grew up in LA, but moved to Selma (Fresno County) because my husband's family lives up here~~ :) Now we have 2 kids and 1 on the way, and with this pregnancy all I can and want to eat is Korean food!! :) Anything else makes me sick!! :)
    I've been craving Kim-Chee, which I made for the first time yesterday with Maanchi's help!! (You're video and recipe helped me out so much!! I've seen other recipes, but being able to watch you while I read over your recipe!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!) I have also made the Spinach Side Dish, Radish Soup... and look forward to making Kim-Chee Stew and Kim-Chee Bokkeumbap once my Kim-Chee ferments a little bit longer~~
    The kim-chee looks and taste great already~ But I'm still waiting for it to ferment a little longer~~
    Here is a link to my facebook,, I recently posted an album called Kim-Chee Adventures~~ Which shows me making Kim-Chee, and my Kim-Chee~~ :)
    I also can't wait to try and make Ddukbokkie, and many other dishes that I have missed so much.. There aren't very many Korean restaurants or markets out around my area... Maybe 2 little Korean markets in Fresno...
    I have missed Korean food so much, and thanks to Maangchi, I am able to begin to learn how to cook, and then ENJOY Korean food!! :)

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