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    hello everyone!! **

    well, i’ve been visiting this site for more than a year eheh, but i’ve just decided to introduce myself!^^

    nice to meet you!

    my name’s stefania, i’m 18 and from a little town near Venice!

    i love cooking any kind of dish or food, and when i found this site with all those yummi korean recipes i couldn’t believe my eyes!

    the only problem is that in my town there aren’t asian market and the one in Treviso has just some things [like 떡볶이, ramyon and some sauces.. not much] because almost everything is chinese ç_ç

    so what i can do rightnow is just watching the videos ahah!

    but i’ve also been in a Korean restaurant, and i loved everything <3

    i fell in love with korean, koreans, and Korea 2 years ago, so i’m trying to prepare myself to move one day =PP

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