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“Helo from denmark :b”

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  • started 5 years ago by Ikoma
  1. helo everyone :) just gonna make a quick introduction.
    i 23 i live in denmark and i use alot of the time in my kitchen and im very interested in korean and japanese cooking, alot because it tastes and looks soo good :) but also because i´think its very healthy danish food in my opinion is very greasy and not very healthy :) well iv been watching of maangchi's videos on youtube and i love them all, iv got lots of questions of alternative ingredients and other things aswell.

    so that was the "quick intro" see you all on the forums ^^

  2. welcome to maangchi's forum^_^
    i guess you're right about danish food. denmark is known for their butter cookies which are very good tasting but very heavy. hope you learn alot of korean dishes here and improve your diet!! :D

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