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“HELP! Korean Breakfast Menu”

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  • started 5 years ago by hsmicatering
  1. Hi Everyone!
    I need help! I have been put in charge of planning a breakfast menu for 7 Korean delegates and I don't know where to begin. Somthing impressive but not to expensive or hard to make. Any suggestions? All the recipies on this website look great with great instructions. I would really appreciate it, they arrive on Friday!!!

  2. hsmicatering,
    Korean delegates sounds interesting! But I'm sure they are not interested in eating heavy food such as bulgogi for breakfast. :) I recommend making these dishes.

    1. rice
    2. beef radish soup
    (check out my oisobagi and radish soup recipe)
    3. kimchi
    4. spinach side dish
    5. egg side dish (gyeran jjim)

    * You can prepare for oisobagi and jobchae to impress them, but as I said, most Koreans don't eat heavy breakfast just like western people.

  3. Whenever I go into a Korean restaurant early in the morning, I always see the businessmen there eating kimchichigae. And when mom brought her friend over, he also wanted kimchichigae for breakfast. Personally, I'm with Maaganchi...too heavy a meal for me. But looking back, they really didn't eat the meat portions, or even the kimchi parts for that matter, so much as focus on the broth with their rice. Mouthful of rice, spoonful of broth...over and over again, with an occasional stop for hot barley tea, until the rice was finished.

  4. Omg you know what is soooo good for breakfast? Porridge! Boil a handful of chicken and then cut it up into tiny pieces with some onion and a clove of garlic! then add rice until the rice becomes very... thinnish? haha. its soo good <3 i would make it right now but.. too much work :] Honestly, I love eating kimchi and rice for breakfast! haha
    dont forget to add salt and pepper! and mix up an egg and pour it on top of the porridge.
    *drools* i didnt eat breakfast yet :'[

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