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    Hi Maangchi!

    I just found your website and love it! My mother says that I most have been switched at birth since we are Chinese and I love Korean food so much.

    Do you have a recipe for hing oh hwe or raw skate that you can share?

    Also, does one use skate wing or which part of the fish do you use?

    Thanks for hosting such a great website!


    Atlanta, GA




    Yes, I make honguhhwe (raw skate fish dish). Skate or stingray fish is called honguh in Korean.

    It’s one of my favorite dishes!

    I found how to handle this fish on YouTube now.


    yeah, someday I will post the recipe here.



    Thanks! I can’t wait for you to post your recipe!



    I love this recipe as well and have made a few stabs at preparing it. I like mine very, very vinegary…so I usually make my own or doctor store bought versions with a touch or two of vinegar. I don’t have a precise recipe like Maanchi would, but I can give you a quick walkthrough of what goes into the prep work.

    I usually buy just one wing, and I prefer getting the already skinned and frozen variety instead of fresh. As you’ve seen in the video, these things are brutal to try and skin yourself. The cartiledge is as thick as bone in some places, and the skin is worse than catfish. Waaaay worse. I had to use pliers and a good grip just to pry off a small strip that had remained. And it’s got these little horned areas on it as well. The frozen actually works better in a couple of ways as it’s easier to slice when it’s partially frozen.

    I cut the wing width-wise, with the cartiledge in the wing, into about three parts so that the ends of each are around 2-3 inches. Then I soak these pieces in either milk or vinegared water to eliminate the strong ammonia taste that these fish have. I either use a ziplock freezer bag or weigh it down in the solution to make sure it all gets covered, then let it soak overnight. The next day I drain the liquid, wash off the pieces, and then cut across the grain of the cartiledge to make those pretty, flexible, almost fan-like strips. Set the meat aside.

    Take a korean radish, peel and julienne into small matchstick strips. Set aside. My aunt slightly salts these at this point to reduce the water content. As for myself, it depends on how I’m feeling. Usually this dish barely lasts long enough in my house to worry about water content. LOL

    Wash and clean one bunch of Korean watercress and slice the stems only into one inch pieces. I usually reserve the tops for soup. Add to turnips. My aunt likes to add a bit of julienned carrots to hers…I hate carrots. It’s up to you.

    Drain water if necessary. Add skate. Add hot pepper flakes, sugar, sesame seeds, about a tablespoon of hot pepper paste, vinegar (if you did not soak in vinegared solution or if you like your vinegar strong). If using vinegar, my aunt usually chooses Assig vinegar, which is concentrated vinegar, so she can get all the vinegary taste without all the liquid. My aunt adds scallions. I don’t. I like MSG; she doesn’t. She uses more sugar than I do. A lot of it is just taste and adjust, but that’s pretty much the basics of the recipe. At least the way I make it. Not saying this is the tried and true method…so don’t hold it against me. ^_^




    thank you very much for your kindness to leave your hong uh hwe recipe here. It will help those who like to learn the recipe. unchienne is also a food blogger





    I have been looking for this recipe and can’t seem to find it online anywhere! It’s my favorite Korean dish with nang myun! I hope to see your recipe soon! Thanks!



    Don’t know if you or anyone will get this… The korean grocery here has skate wings, I’m making raw skate salad. I don’t really want to make the fermented one as that sounds a bit too extreme for a first foray. The video is gone – can you repost the video? Thanks. I will try to make it given the instructions above from unchienne.



    I’m thankful to Maangchi and her blog. I am going to try making honguh hwe. I love it! It is my favorite! Sadly, it is not sustainable so it’s a true delicacy; I found out it is not sustainable after I bought some and so I don’t want to mess it up!

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