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“I can't Peilla leaves anywhere :(”

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  • started 3 years ago by Football10Fan
  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm having trouble finding a place to buy Perilla leaves (들깨). I can't even find a website online to order them from. The closest I found find where some canned Perilla leaves. However, I would prefer the fresh kind. I went to my local Asia market and it was not there.

    I'm really don't want to start my cooking adventure without it. Can anyone help?

  2. I have several good Korean and Asian markets in my area and I can usually only find perilla leaves in the summer months. I don't know if you can buy fresh perilla leaves online. Maybe ask the people at your market if they could get them for you. Good luck!

  3. Thanks, I guess I'll call the markets in my state and hope one is nice enough to mail them

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