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  1. I'm a dutch boy who stranded in the sea of cooking when i was 7yrs. My grandmother was befriends with Indish-people, and 1 teaching me the ways of cooking and herbs. on my 12yr i worked for a french-kitchen; as dishwasher. but sometimes i learn french cuisine too~ till my 14th. on my 15yr i was out house by my mom, and live by a aunt and a uncle, who are in fishers-business where and i learning how to clean different kind of fishes, like; paling and baarsen. on my 17yr i was moved to the east side of netherlands, because of problems of my mom. And i was shy when i came order a menu by a chinese family resturant, so the lady boss try to get a anser out my mouth, but when i see the kitchen door open i said; thats lot of dishes. and then it became a bond with the chinese family till now, i'm now 24yrs, and master the chinese style cooking, and japanese, and now i learn koreans dishes(i find them creative). also i work 5yrs for a dutch vineyard, learning a lot, making wine and i have a Kyoho(grape) in my garden. from japan. also im very creative person, i sell art too=3 please to meet you~


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  2. im have trying today Making kimchi with daikon^-^ its really good recept=3 also i give another tast about the dutch vineyard i work=3 and also i maked ginger tea~ a cold frsh one=3 from maangchi recept.


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  3. Christian,
    Welcome and thank you so much for sharing the photo of the food and the vineyard where you work! I feel like I'm in the vineyard! If you want to be featured on the Korean food fan page on my website, fill the interview answers out here:

  4. made some more korean-food^o^

    the first is korean green tea pasta, with rouge(hussle creamy egg) and with some daikon-cracker, and picckeld kimchi cabbage(sour, hot).

    side dish: crunchy sweet patato~

    Sweet korean soup; with the sweet rice flower, i learnend from maangchi heukimja(black sesame porridge) to using~ so this sweet mild korean soup is filled with vegetables, like; carrots, daikon, green long beans~ and sesame seeds~

    the other two i buyed sweet patato, and saw maangchi making fried-ones from it, so i did it do, its was chruchy, and soft inside^-^


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  5. Made for my group ad home korean green pasta^^


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  6. heukimjajuk^^ its so tasty~


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  7. korean filled bibimbap^^


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  8. sweet rice cake^o^


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  9. fresh kimchi with smashing sweet potato, and pan fried tofu


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  10. take some fresh Arbutus(Korean fruit, but for Chinese is it like a strawberry), use the juice for making ALC. ad cane sugar and disolve it in the juice when you heat it, and cool down puth it in the plastic/bottle. wait 4 days turns in 7%aALC(if you wait more days to 9 you have a nice sweet wine). this little sake is good by the dinner, very sweet taste~


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  11. dear christian. you post lovely dishes, but could you send better pictures??? than you food and drinks looks much better.. feels like I am drunk now :0)

  12. thanx for saying im trying my best make it clearly, Susan~

  13. made some spicy korean radish red cherry flavor-side dish^^


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  14. It looks great. If you want, please post the recipe here!

  15. Christian,

    The Arbutus sake looks amazing! Where would you get the fruit and how much would you need for, say, a litre? (Perhaps you also have a ratio of cane sugar to Arbutus juice?)

    Your other food also looks really good, so I will join in by saying that recipes for your creations would be awesome.


  16. dear Sanne, you can find the fruits fresh by the market, or a toko(sometimes there in blik). to filter the juice from the fruits(or if its in blik take the syrup too same extract as the fruit it self). for the cane sugar* been solve in heat it up the juice(*cane sugar(rietsuiker), or palm-sugar, lichte bruine suiker(familie van barsten suiker) kan gebruik nemen. if you want make a 1ltr you need kwart (canesucker)rietsuiker. thats like 5 eating spoons). good luck=3

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