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“Kal Gugsu”

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  • started 5 years ago by haelin
  1. Dear Maangchi,

    Could you show us how to make kal gugsu (칼국수)?

    Like everybody else here, I really looove your website.
    I'm 2nd generation Korean from Germany and I recently moved to the US. I love Korean food, I think it's the best in the world and totally underrated and especially when I'm homesick, it makes me feel better. Before I've known your website I could only make cucumber kimchi, spinach and 된장찌개, but now I'm exploring more and more. thank you so much, Maangchi.


  2. Haelin,
    sure, kalguksu (Korean knife-cut flour noodle soup) is one of my upcoming video recipes.

    Thank you for your interest in my recipes!

  3. Hi I was looking for kalguksu recipe but can't find. Would you please tell me where I can find it? or if any one has precise recipe? Thank you.

  4. The weather is nice and my pa kimchi is ready so I will make kalguksu this weekend.

  5. I made Kalguksu today.

  6. wow, you made this! yummy!

  7. You made it!
    It looks great!

  8. Thank you.

    I was very happy with how it turned out. And its easy.

  9. Check out my kalguksu recipe here! omg, the request was made in 2009! Thank you for your patience!

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