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    Apparently it’s the 29th(!) annual Korean parade on Oct 3 along 6th ave, with some kind of festival going down in K-Town at the same time. I’ve never been to this, but sounds like it might be interesting:

    “The festival will provide interactive activities, such as Korean cooking lessons from talented chefs from the community, Korean youth singing competitions, and even a Kim Chi making demonstration. Visitors have enjoyed perusing through the various unique products and services available in the product tent, and, of course, savored their favorite Korean food, such as kalbi (BBQ shortribs), bibimbap (mixed rice and vegetables), and kim chi fried rice.”




    I was a little late for the parade today, but made it down to 32nd street for the street fair. It was pouring rain by the time I got there.

    [attachment=1651,72] Some interesting-looking stuff, but not a lot of people wanted to stand in the rain and eat blood sausage. Go figure!

    [attachment=1651,74] This lady was not too happy about getting her photo taken. I barely escaped with my life, after getting that glare.

    [attachment=1651,73] NJ politician: “On St. Patrick’s day, we are all Irish. Today, we are all Korean!”

    Not this guy. Today I’m heading into the coffee shop to get out of the rain!

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