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“Korean Radish or Daikon Substitute”

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  • started 11 months ago by CynthiaH
  1. Hi, everyone,
    Is there a Vietnamese vegetable that is comparable to the Korean radish or daikon? We live near many Vietnamese grocery stores and I am always wondering if they have a vegetable that would work in place of radish. Just throwing it out there... Thank you!

  2. My experience with large radish varieties is that they all taste generally the same, some might be more spicy then others but the difference is small.
    Our asian supermarket stocks a variety of radishes; korean radish (moo), japanese daikon, chinese green radish, and chinese white radish (lor pak).
    I've cooked with them and pickled them, and they all generally give the same end-result.
    White radish is called củ cải trắng in vietnamese, and reading this article on asian radishes will clear some doubts away

    good luck!

  3. Thank you, Yvonne! I may ask for cu cai trang next time I go.

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