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  • started 4 years ago by Brian_Montoya

    So my name is Brian, I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado which is a town with several army bases, so we have alot of GI's who have married Korean women, therefore, we have many Korean Grocery Stores; however, I can't seem to find any korean tableware like the banchan bowls (i already have the korean chopstic/spoon set). I have looked on ebay and amazon, and I cant find any, or they are asking for more than im willing to spend, so could somebody help me find a site that carries these bowls for a decnt price?



  2. Hi Brian, welcome aboard!

    It's a real problem. This stuff is hard to find, and hard to order, and hard to buy. Did you have any luck with the Korean sites?

    I hope some business-minded people are reading this, there is a market for this stuff, but nowhere to buy it.

  3. stanford,

    I agree in LA Korea Town you can buy some of this everyday stuff cheap. But if your not in an area with a lot of Koreans the stuff is expensive.

  4. Stanford-

    thanks for the reply, but i cant seem to find a site that carries any of these products because i cant read or speak Korean,would you happen to know of any?


    I finally found a site, the bowls are 1.99$ each!

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