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  1. Hello,
    I am a registered dietitian in Maryland working with seniors. The Korean population is growing in our facility. I am trying to find out as much information as I can regarding Korean cuisine. One basic question I have right now is can I use long grain rice? I have been to specialty stores and somethings are expensive and my budget is limited.

  2. Koreans eat short to medium grain rice. Long grain rice doesn't have the same taste or texture as short/medium grain rice. I'm not korean and even I don't like the taste or texture of long grain rice and never eat it, so if you serve it to the korean seniors, they probably won't eat it, and if they do, they most likely won't enjoy it.

    My mother is a senior in a home because she can't walk and the food there is horrible. Many times while I visit during dinner time, I taste it and then go out and buy her some take out. The food is disgusting!

  3. I think it is wonderful that you are interested in providing familiar foods to the korean residents of your facility - but I wonder, have you spoken to the families of these residents? Koreans as a rule are very respectful of their elders, and I think if you were to talk to some of their families, and indicate your willingness to provide familiar foods to their elders that they would be willing to help.

    When my mother was in the nursing home before she passed I took a rice cooker, rice, soy sauce, sesame oil, and a few easy recipes for the dietitian at her nursing home. I would bring panchans as I made them so Mom would have the complete meals she was accustomed to.

    If you talk to the families, and are willing to provide an area somewhat aside from the other residents where the Korean residents could eat in privacy I think everyone would be happy. One of the things I have become aware of is the attitude of many American elders to anything that is outside of their normal experience. This is especially true of foods and smells. They can often become unpleasant in their comments and gestures to things that they do not approve of.

    Some of the most basic foods that your Korean elders will want to eat are rather aromatic, and your American elders will most likely say unpleasant things, which may cause a heap of trouble, and emotional disturbance to your Korean residents. I say this from personal experience.

    If the families of your Korean residents see that you could provide an area where their loved ones could eat familiar foods in an atmosphere untainted by negatives, I am sure they would provide the rice, panchans and familiar flavors you are looking to provide. They have these items at home. Bringing extra to Mom or Dad would make them happy.

  4. Thank you for the insight. We do have a lot ofinvolvement and we also have a Korean nurse liasion that meets with us. There is a dining area that is provided. It is not sectioned off anyone can eat there. The concern that I have with food items brought in, that is not the right consistency for certain residents that have chewing and swallowing problems. Yesterday we had an open house ceremony for the Korean community in our county. Over 125 people showed up. We served seasoned cucumber, white rice, seasoned beef. Appetizers provided from the community rice cakes,kimchi, and a vegetable roll( not sure what kind). We also served Barley Tea. It was a success I think. Now my struggle is finding a reputable vendor to provide food items to our facility.

  5. When I was younger we had a Korean, Japanese and Chinese restaurant. We had suppliers that brought Korean items from NY and Philly - we were on the Jersey shore. I know there are some very large Korean stores in Maryland - and depending on where you are located you should be able to find suppliers. Perhaps try contacting a Korean, or Japanese restaurant in your area and ask who their suppliers are. Amazon also ships Korean foods, but I imagine the prices are retail, and might not be feasible.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful gathering! Best of luck with this endeavor!

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