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    What do you pack in your korean luchbox?



    My Korean thermos.



    Hi Latierra!

    Did you mean what type of food? If so, I pack just about anything. My non-Korean co-workers are use to the “smell” of Korean food so I’m not limited to the non-smelly ones.



    I’ve made mini bibimbap bentos. I’ve also packed rice with a variety of banchan…usually something slightly less smelly like fresh pickled radish or anchovy stirfry.

    Egg dishes always work well. But my favorite is soy braised beef. Yum. Tastes great cold, so I don’t even need the microwave.



    I’ve made korean lunch box for my boyfriend.. (just a few weeks ago>with maangchi’s help<) I’ve made egg roll,, kimbap & dumplings.. I’ve made the dumplings the night before.. It was really nice.. & i spent a romantic day with my boyfriend,, let me correct that,, few minutes with my boyfriend(whew! his friends ‘re just getting through my nerves!=D)..

    Goodluck n making your korean luchbox (도시락)!!=)



    Hm.. my dream lunchbox would include, kimchi kimbaap, kimchi bokeumbap, kimchi, the yellow radish, and stir fried fish cake! and some rice. and some dyuen jang ji gae in a thermos. mm..

    and then for desert… a nice big milk chocolate macadamia nut cookie! hahaha



    I’ve seen some photos by someone that’s teaching English in Korea and he/she’s been posting pictures of what they are serving for lunch there at the school. Her photostream is included in the Korean Food group on Flickr. Check it out:



    Mainly, my korean lunch boxes include Kimchi and either a spicy Bokkeum (based on Ojinga Bokkeum, though sometimes using other meats instead of costly squid) or Bulgogi. Bulgogi is one of those “I can’t eat enough” types of foods. My family was raised on it, using a recipe my mother was given 25 years ago while we lived there. :-)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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