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    Hi Maangchi

    Thanks for answering my question about what MSG is in Korean (조미료 (jomiryo).

    Can you recommend some brands that don’t use MSG? Is it a common ingredient in korean products?

    Thanks! :)


    Hello Maangchi

    I went to the local asian shop on the weekend to try to look for some Korean products (that don’t have MSG) and got very confused!

    All the english labels had ‘msg’ as an ingredient, but I suspect that they are generic labels. So I tried to look for “조미료” in the ingredients list, but there were so many words, it got too difficult.

    We found 2 brands that had this green label with a big “無” up the front that I recognise as a chinese word for ‘no’. I was wondering if that could indicate no msg? Would you be able to help be have a look please? I took a photo of these here (

    Thanks so much for your help again :)

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    For those products, it means they did not any preservatives not MSG. If you are living in America, search for monosodium glutamate in the ingredients list. Usually, bigger the container, the more msg it has because it gets cheaper with increasing size. I wouldnt worry too much about MSG in gochujang.


    Hello Koralex90,

    Thanks for the comment. I’m trying to be wary because my bf is very sensitive to MSG. You say not to worry too much- is it because the amounts in gochujang are generally very small?

    I’m in Australia, and they do have english labels, but I suspect the english labels are generic and do not list every ingredient.

    :) Thanks.



    Well, I use the same brand(bottom one) but it says there is no MSG in it. Generally, products that ship abroad do not have MSG but the products they sell in Korea, sometimes utilize MSG in their products (especially ones in HUGE metal containers used in restaurants).

    I live in the US but it says there is no MSG – so I think it’s fine for your boyfriend to consume the gochujang without worrying.


    HI Korelex

    Thanks again for your comments! I will let him know :)

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