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“Peel garlic quickly!!”

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  • started 3 years ago by orangetkdgirl
  1. I love using fresh garlic in recipes, but it's always been a pain to peel it (especially when you need a lot of it, like in kimchi!!) The other day I found this video, and the technique works!!! Very fun and informative video. Enjoy :)

  2. I've tried this before, and it's really work out, but my palm can't stand the pressure from crash that garlic.....hehehe....

  3. The first time I saw how to smash & peel garlic the Maangchi way was actually on an arab tv. They also use lots of garlic and it was fun to watch the chef smashing the cloves with his knife. Now I always peel it like that ;-)

  4. This is funny but very very useful video. Thanks for sharing. ,

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