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  • started 2 months ago by wittypretty
  1. Oh Maangchi you are the sweetest chef I've ever seen.
    I love your cooking but I love your modesty your energy your sense of humor your cooperation more . you've made me more enthused to cook .
    I've started watching you a year ago. I asked you once about sth on YouTube and you answered quickly . I love you sooooo much that’s why I want to invite you , not to my house because you deserve more, to this website
    It talks about my religion Islam. I know that you may have heard bad things about Islam but we should not judge religions , concepts , ideas ,etc through their followers . We should explore them by reading their authentic books . So just read and have an idea. If you like it that will be nice if you don’t it will be ok and I will stay your #1 fan and friend.
    Sincerely yours ,

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