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  1. Maangchi:
    What is that dark rice you eat? is there any recipe because it doens' looks like fried rice.

  2. In Mediterranean Dishes of Rice, there is nothing like Dark Rice. I would like to know if there is any such recipe in the Korean Food.

  3. Sorry , I said dark rice because i see it dark, .I don't know what it is.. that is the reason I am asking. could be some kind of fried rice?

  4. I'm pretty sure that's ogokbap (five grain rice).

    It's a lot healthier than plain white rice, containing e. g. glutinous rice, black bean, sweet red bean, glutinous African millet, glutinous millet.
    You have to wash, soak and drain all the ingredients separately, and the cooking-times are different, too.

    However, Maangchi's (much easier, as usual! :-)) recipe you'll find here:

    Bye, sanne.

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