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    I just got this cooker for my birthday and are so excited about the “cooking manual”, which is acutally a recipe book, but it’s in korean. :( Do you have any recipes for a electric pressure rice cooker or can suggest where I can find an english version of the cooking manual?



    I am in the same situation so I am necromancing an old thread. The cooking guide can be found at this link:

    If anyone knows enough Korean to do a translation it would be extremely helpful.

    (I also attached the file in case it disappears from the web)

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    If you pick out a certain recipe you would like to know from there, I’d be happy to translate it for you. But translating everything is a bit too much work for me. :/



    Haha, sorry for the outrageous request! Well first of all, there was no chart in the manual that showed how much water to put in with different rices. I know typically it is about 1.5 cups water to 1 cup rice. If the cooking guide says things like “add this much water to one cup of brown rice” that’s what I want to know. Also, how much water to add for porridge and things like that.



    Ok I’m dumb. The information was in the english section of the instructions all along. >>

    Could you translate the recipe in the middle of page 4? The one that looks like sticky rice balls with other things in them. That looks yummy!

    Thank you.



    That looks like an interesting cookbook! Too bad it’s only in Korean.




    I know! I want to know what it says.

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