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“rice with bean sprout”

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  • started 2 years ago by jdiones
  1. hi maangchi, i worked as an esl teacher in korea couple years ago and our cooked ( in the pre-school academy ) steams rice and mixed it with bean sprouts. Then she would make a mixture of soy sauce, hot pepper flakes, sesame oil and i don't know what else. We put some of the mixture in the rice with bean sprouts and mixed it. It taste soooooooooooo good. Do you know what it is called and how to make it? If so,I hope you can post the recipe. Thank you and again, I so love your website!!!

  2. oops! : ) Yes, it's coming soon!

  3. Hi
    I posted soybean sprouts rice recipe today! Enjoy it!

  4. thank you for this..and sorry for the very late reply.
    You're simply the best Maangchi!!!

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