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“Salted Calamari Squid”

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  • started 4 years ago by mystiletto
  1. Hi! I adore this website but don't have much time to cook so I buy mostly prepared Korean food. I recently bought a box of salted calamari squid from a nearby Korean supermarket. I can't tell whether I'm suppose to cook it or eat it from the box. The texture is slimey. I took a bite and it's very salty and slightly chewy but it may be raw? Any advice?

    Thank you! :)

  2. Can you post a pic?

    Was it frozen? On a dry food shelf?

  3. Thanks so much for responding! I don't have a photo and I tried to look for one on the internet to no avail. It's in a plastic box in the refrigerated shelves section (not frozen). In the same section there are also prepared side dishes like pan-fried fishcakes, dried squid etc and also uncooked tubs of soups/meats on the lower shelves.

    The squid is not white like the cooked kind, rather it's translucent I think (hard to tell with all the spicy red sauce) and slimy. Should I cook it or just eat it raw? Thanks!!!

  4. What my Mom always used to do was make 오징어젓 (ojingo jeot), which is kind of like a squid kimchi. It's meant to be eaten raw, at least in my experience.

  5. Salted calamari(squid) called ojingeojeot recipe is posted now. Thank you for your patience!

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