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“Salty Kimchi”

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  • started 4 months ago by Justin723
  1. I just made my third batch of Kimchi. The last one was great. The problem this time is that it is extremely salty. I rinsed it well, maybe I let it sit with the salt for too long. What are your recommendations. I don't want to be wasteful and throw it away Help please?!

  2. Justin, when I make kimchi I taste it each day to see how it is coming along. If it tastes really salty, I pour out a little bit of the liquid and replace it with plain water, mixing the water into the whole batch. If it's still salty the next day, I repeat. If my batch doesn't taste salty at all, I add a little bit. Each day I let the kimchi sit on the kitchen counter is a chance to taste and adjust the seasoning before it's done. My batches usually sit on the counter for at least three days before going into the refrigerator.

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