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    My wife & sister-in-law and I had another cookoff this weekend! The theme was seafood. We always have so much fun when cooking…It usually ends up being an all day event with plenty of wine and makkeolli adding to the good cheer!

    Those sisters are so competitive! I am a novice so I follow recipes exactly. My wife is a great cook and is good at improvising so she always teases me about it. However she and her sister were shocked when I had to improvise use their fish choices for my recipes! They were especially surprised when my tuna & kimchi camping stew was voted by all to be the top dish of the night! Maangchi, we won!!! ^__^

    As always…thank you for your awesome recipes!

    Dave's menu – kimchi & mackerel camping stew (used tuna), pollock pancake (used perch fillets), kongnamul-muchim, myeolchi-bokkeum and rice.

    Wife & her sister's menu – paneer mattar (peas & farmer cheese), seared sesame tuna with aeoli, coconut encrusted marlin, 3 bean pico-de-gallo and artichoke/potato/goat cheese side dish and rice.



    omg, Dave! Your family sounds like all are foodies! How fun it will be! You guys get together and cook off and show off everybody’s special food and eat together at the end. This is a great idea of having fun. I like to share this story with as many as I can.



    When Dave, wife, and sister-in-law get together, you realize there are only three wheels. How can it be a real cook-off if there are not more than two teams? There is another sister-in-law that seems to be missing all the competition. Maybe they are afraid? But seriously, when three of the sisters get together, Dave is too busy being a scullery maid to do his own cooking. And when four of the sisters get together, just stay out of the way.

    We all appreciate Dave’s interest in Korean cooking to expand our culinary skills. We just need to not have the seared Tuna be 6 yr old frozen tuna and the seared tuna would have won!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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