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“Small Batch of Kimchi”

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  • started 7 months ago by Candy87
  1. Hello,

    Can any one help me by letting me know the appropriate measurements if I only want to do kimchi with one cabbage?

    I want to get started making my own kimchi, but I don't want to make a lot just in case I ruin the first batch. And knowing me, it's likely. . .

    Thank you in advance. ^_^

  2. Candy87,

    I would suggest simply halving Maangchi's recipe. I wouldn't recommend going much smaller than that anyhow. And as long as you follow her instructions you'll do fine!

    I've made several batches and they all come out good...even my Korean friends say so. In fact all of her recipes I've tried have come out delicious and have been easy enough that even a novice cook like me can do it (my wife does all the cooking because she's an awesome cook! ^^)

    Good luck!

  3. Thank you for the suggestion. My first Kimchi batch was a success!

  4. Candy,

    That's great! Glad I could be of assistance.


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