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  1. Hi Maangchi, I havent been on your website for a long while,
    I just recently moved to Korea with my Fiancee (now husband)
    a couple months ago and was really busy.

    So, all these wonderful Items will be easier to make, but I have a question.
    Most 7/11's out here sell this type of steamed bun (similar to dimsum bread bun with pork in it) but instead of pork, there is red bean, pizza and others.
    I now own a real korean rice cooker (Cuckoo) and I want to know how to make the steamed bun in a rice cooker,
    do you know a recipe for these steamed buns??

    If so, that would be awesome

  2. I believe these are called JimmBbang (찜빵) or Hobbang (호빵) for the ones with beans inside. They are usually sold in the winter/fall months as they are perfect to warm up from the cold weather.

    I dont know the recipe but i doubt its hard. :)

    Here are some recipes from Korean websites.. :/ It's in Korean though.. Would be cool if Maangchi did a video on Jjimbbang!

    Kimchi Jimmbbang

    Sweet Potato Jjimbbang

    Pizza Jjimbbang

    Red Colored Veggie Jjimbbang ^_^; pretty

    Black Bean Hobbang

    Curry Jjimbbang

    Jabchae Jjimbbang

    Chestnut Jjimbbang

    Butternut Squash Jjimbbang

    Hope that helped.. Hopefully someone can translate these for you.. :/

  3. thanks Koralex.
    They are truely the best to warm you up, with a can of hot coffee ^^ mm
    I am competely in love with red bean paste. There are some vendors that sell fish shaped bean paste filled baked things they are really yummy! and also my local grocery store has red bean paste filled bagel-like sweet bread. yum^^

  4. Here is the recipe for the Boonguh Bbang (Fish shaped cakes)

  5. Oh my lord, thanks ^^
    I dont have the fish mould though :( so it will not be fish shaped lol.

  6. ^ they actually sell the molds at grocery stores - they have like two fish molds and its really small and perfect for home use.. try looking for them if you really want to make them. I saw some in Los Angeles Koreatown so theres bound to be some in a large supermarket in Korea. like Kim's mart or Lotte Mart.

  7. Lol, I will do that.
    My job just started so we are very low on money.
    But I will update you on them when I get the molds and make them. ^^

  8. Kathleen,
    I posted Jjinppang mandu today! Someday I will post steamed buns with sweet red bean filling, too.

  9. Here you go!

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