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“Urgent notice from Maangchi!”

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  1. Sorry everybody!
    I hope everybody who visits my website can read this. As you may notice, I'm encountering some issues with my website server these days. I found my forum is still working, so I decided to write my note to you.

    I keep receiving comments and questions from my readers and I keep leaving my replies to their questions, but my website has been frozen the date of Dec.28,08! I posted my avocado recipe, but it doesn't show on my website along with all your comments and my replies.

    Strangely, I see all my updated contents through my firefox browser, but can't see it through my internet explorer browser even though I'm using the same computer.
    Through internet explorer browser, the last updated recipe is "tangsuyuk(sweet and sour beef)" and the last comments from my readers is dated on Dec.28,2008.

    I keep talking to my host server and hopefully it's fixed as soon as possible.

    Don't get frustrated with not getting my replies. All records of my replies and your questions and comments will be updated soon later.

    All I can say is that I don't ignore your comments!
    If you use the search box, can you see "avocado.." video?

  2. oh, now website is working! : )

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