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    Hi guys, my name is gisselle and i’m from Ecuador South America.., I have many friends that would like to try a traditional korean food, but unfortunately we don’t have any korean restaurant here, so we are trying to make a recipe by ourselves. I decide to start by making Kimchi, but i have a lot of trouble finding the ingredients here, like hot pepper flakes, fish sauce and sweet rice flour, so i felt really sad from the begining! I think that all South American have the same problem as me. I was looking for some substitutes but even in the recipe of them i have issues to find the ingredients like klep leaf for the fish sauce. I’m telling you all of this because i was wonder if maybe a nobel heart (begging :D) can write for us a recipe of at least this 3 things (sweet rice flour, fish sauce, squid, hot pepper flakes) with ingredients that are not too dificult to find in South America and FINALLY help me out for making Kimchi for all my Ecuadorian friends.




    Well, I am from Brazil and I can help you. Our continent is an economic bloc called Mercosul.

    In other words: products with low (or no) taxes! Yoohoo x)

    Ok, you may ask right now: Que puedo hacer ahora? Ele habló, habló, habló, pero no dijo nada! :O

    So, to amenize my overwriting, I can tell you that the city of São Paulo has a lot of Korean immigrants and markets. In this way, you can find a lot of internet websites that sell asian products! Yeah that’s right! o/

    The best one is this here: http://www.asiashop.com.br

    It is in portuguese. But I think that, with the mercosul easyness, you can buy this products with low (or no) taxes.

    Perdona me por escrever en ingles, hago esto porque tiene personas que pueden no hablar portugues ni español…

    Espero que te he ayudado! Besos!



    I am a Korean American moving to Guyana, and I believe the situation will be bleak for getting Asian food. I remember going to a cool looking Chinese restaurant in Costa Rica, and was disappointed with the food because it was missing a key ingredient like soy sauce or ginger. I can bring a lot of ingredients but I don’t think fresh ginger is something I can bring. Does anyone know the situation on fresh ginger? Also, are there any suggestions on what I should bring in terms of spices and dried foods?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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