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    I have been watching your videos for awhile now, thank you for such great instruction!

    Yesterday I bought an interesting looking item in the fresh side dish area at my H-mart…it was cabbage leaves that are salted, and a packet of radish/green onion/hot pepper/oysters that looks like a do it yourself kit for kimchi. Is that what you would say it is for? or is there another dish that is made like that?

    This is labeled as made by Pinocchio company, and is just called “Fresh Oyster Vegetable”, the ingredients listed are Fresh oyster mix, vegetable, red pepper powder, garlic, cabbage”.

    There is probably as much radish-pepper mix as there is cabbage, and 2 nice sized oysters. It looks delicious and smells great!





    It’s called bossam Kimchi I think. It’s one of the ways Korean people eat their meals. They take the cabbage, put a little rice and some of the spicy radish stuff, along with some fresh oysters. Wrap it up and enjoy ^^



    LOL, I also buy things and then try to figure out what they are. I can’t read Korean so my only clue is the FDA required ingredient list. Sometimes I get a hint from the little pictures like the ones on the back of ramen noodle packages.

    I was so happy when I discovered Maangchi I’m not guessing as much now. Not only does she give us great recipes but she shows us what the product looks like in its original packaging. I use her book at the import store to help me figure out what I’m buying.


    Thanks for the information, now I will know for next time…I actually put it together really nicely with the oysters and radish paste between the layers of cabbage and tried letting it ferment to make kimchi! I am guessing there was too much salt in the cabbage though because nothing happened except it went bad. lol another lesson learned on the path of life!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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