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“What is this dish?”

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  1. Hi!
    I've been trying to figure out what this dish is called so I can make it. It is on the bottom right. Your help is very much appreciated.


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  2. Looks like fish cake.

  3. could be fish cake
    egg squares
    something made of flour
    hope it helps!

  4. what is the thing in the upper left corner? looks like vanilla ice cream

  5. kumaxx, I think that is potato salad. I have had at Korean places here in the states and it looked like that.

  6. potatoe salad... really??? never would have guessed... is it mashed or what?

  7. Yep, they mash it up quite a bit then mix with mayo ect. It actually goes good with spicy Korean food.

  8. It's definitely fish cake, sometimes called "odeng," sometimes called "uhmoong." It's very easy to make. You can find the fish cake in sheets at Korean and Japanese grocery stores (probably Chinese, too). You cut it up, sautee in a pan, then add some soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, green onions, and a bit of sugar, and hot peppers and onions if you like. The fish cakes are already cooked (like hot dogs) and a bit salty in and of themselves so you're really just browning them and infusing them with flavor.

  9. Thanks so much everyone. I never would have guessed fish! I'm not sure why. I thought tofu or something. I'll look for the fish cake next time I'm at the Korean grocery store

  10. It's uh-mook bokkeum - sauteed fishcakes. Maangchi's recipes are here:

    The fishcakes come in different shapes, thicknesses and sizes, so Maangchi's pictures look different that the pic above. You can choose whatever shape you like or mix shapes.

    Yes the ice-cream scoop-shaped item is Korean-style potato salad. Looks like it WAS scooped with an ice-cream scooper!

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