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“What the difference of Hot Pepper Bean paste and hot pepper paste?”

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  • started 2 years ago by madelina
  1. Hi, I'm new here and been trying new recipes.And lately want to try Korean food mainly because I got addicted watching Korean show . I accidentally buy Hot pepper bean paste from grocery store and I wonder what recipe I can use it. Any suggestion for recipes please help me. I also bought Kimchi from the store just to acquire with the taste and so far I really enjoy it and my husband likes it too . I want to make Kimchi myself but I forgot to buy the right pepper . Can I try different kind of pepper to make Kimchi? Thank you

  2. Maybe you could post a photo of the packaging so that it can be identified. Korean hot pepper paste does contain fermented soybean powder. Does it say gochujang on the label?

  3. I can't read Korean language but on the side of the label it said Hot pepper Bean paste.

  4. Sounds like it probably is gochujang which would look like -> 고추장 . Many brands actually have the romanized word "Gochujang" on the label. If it's in a red tub and it's Korean it's probably gochujang.

    Just be sure it's Korean because there are other types of hot pepper paste. Namely the Chinese doubanjiang (豆瓣酱) which is made with beans and is not a substitute for gochujang.

    Check out Maangchi's gochujang page for pics of what some containers look like: .

  5. THank you for your response , I saw the picture that you sent .Its a red tube fourth picture


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