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“Which Korean Entree would you make for someone who has never eaten Korean food?”

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  • started 3 years ago by jojojo
  1. Hi Everyone! :)

    everyone! :) Was wondering if any of you can offer some suggestions
    concerning Korean cooking. :) I know many of you are the cooks of your
    families and prepare delicious Korean dishes! :) ...I was wondering what
    you could suggest as far as dishes go, when introducing Korean food to
    ...someone for the first time. I'm visiting
    a friend in a city where Asian markets are hard to find,
    however, I'd like to cook something "Korean" for them. What would you
    suggest? They have NEVER had Korean food before. I was thinking of japchae (I can bring the noodles and sesame seed oil in my
    suitcase) and buy the other ingredients once I get to their city.

    But, what else would you serve with japchae? Just rice? What other dishes/stews/soups would you recommend cooking for someone who has never had Korean food before? Thank you very much for your suggestions and ideas! :)

  2. Jabchae or bulgogi is always a good intro along with some god kimchi and rice...the smell of bulgogi alone on the grill is alluring to most people....introducing different side dishes while eating bulgogi and rice makes for a fun introduction.

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