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    This is not really a recipe but a step by step of what I did. It will show that with some basic knowlege you can adapt and make kimchi.

    When I was in Santiago I picked up some fish sauce so I was ready to make kimchi. I wanted to make Easy kimchi But when I went to the agro market I could not find Napa Cabbage or Dikon. I have been seeing them but I guess the season is over.

    But I did find some Chinese greens and some green onions that looked very close to jjook pa.

    I bought them. When I got them to the apartment I noticed that the stalks were very tough but thats ok. So lets get started.

    1. Fresh_Veggies

    First thing I did was to make porriage. I did not find sweet rice flour in Santiago (I only went to one store). So I cooked some rice in a lot of water. When it was very soft I added more water and set aside (I was sure it would soak up more water).

    Then I went to work trimming and washing my greens. Any ugly leaves and the stalks went into the trash. Then I washed them really good. After they were washed I salted them with Sal Parrillera. It is a course salt used for cooking meat and is mildly salty. Total salting time was 1.5 hours, turnning three times.

    After the time was up I tasted the greens. They were a bit salty so I gave them a good rinse and squessed out the extra water.

    1. Veggies_Washed_and_Salted
    2. Veggies_Rinsed_

    For my porriage I took some of the soft rice then added water, fish sauce, ginger, garlic and onion and blended it using a stick blender. This was added to grated carrots, green onions, jjook pa stems, sugar and gochugaru.

    1. Seasoning
    2. Seasoning_mixed

    Then I added my greens and mixed them up.

    Greens added to my seasoing mix

    Everthing all mixed up. It is now kimchi!. I let sit on the counter for a few hours. Now its in the fridge.

    1. Kimchi-2
    2. Seasoning_and_Veggies

    I had some left over porriage and jjook pa so I made Pa Kimchi. No carrots or green onions.

    1. Pa_Kimchi



    I’m very impressed with your kimchi! Pakimchi(green onion kimchi)looks so delicious!



    Thank you!



    looks delish!! did this post?



    So how did it taste? It looks really really good. What kind of flavor do those greens have naturally? I’ve never seen or heard of them. Anything you could compare them too?



    Amazing photos @powerplantop ^_^

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