Tube-shaped rice cake

Garaetteok 가래떡

These rice cakes are made with short-grain rice flour and pressed into cylinders. Thaw them in the refrigerator overnight and cut them into bite-size pieces. Some Korean grocery stores sell them freshly made, or you can make your own with my recipe.

rice cake

Recipes that use tube-shaped rice cake (garaetteok):


  1. Hi do you have a recipe to make the tube shape rice cake as shown above? thank you.

  2. I tried to find the rice cake to make 떡볶이, But I could only find a really thick and long 떡 rice cake…

    Can I still use that to make 떡볶이?

  3. Is the dukk have to be hard/frozen or fresh and chewy/soft for dduk bok kie??? please reply as soon as possible! i want to know!

  4. I really want to cook my own ddukbokkie, unfortunately i can’t find the ingredients. can you pls tell me the recipe on how to make dduk? by the way, I am a filipina & always visit your web site.

  5. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,047 comments

    I’m sorry I don’t know how to make the ddeok for ddukbokkie. It is made with ddeok machine.

    • Gerald Martin& has 1 comment

      Dear Maangchi,

      Could you please inform me how to buy a ddeok machine? I am trying to find this online but cannot find a place where I can buy the machine online. I used to live in Los Angeles, we always had deuk to make deuk soup and duek boki. My wife is Korean. Now we had military travel orders to go to Ankara, Turkey. Needless to say, there are no Korean stores here in Turkey. If I can find a way to make the long cylinder looking ddeuk (white rice or brown) then I can make at least two receipes that my 2 little children and wife really like. We miss being next to Korea town but we will be here in Turkey for at least 2 years. Any ideas? Your help is greatly appreciated.


  6. Hi Maangchi,

    I enjoy eating rice cake in spicy sauce. As i live in Norway where I could hardly find korean food. Can you tell me the ingredients to make the rice cake? What do i need in order to make dduk? Hope to hear from you. Thanx!

  7. hi.. give me your rice cake recepi

  8. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,047 comments

    Thank you for the good information!

  9. Hi all Singaporean korean foodies, just to let you know… there’s this korean store in Novena Square 2 (New Wing) that sells hand made korean rice cakes. They got a good variety of the rice cakes, the tube shaped ones, the ones for soup and even rice cake deserts. The bean paste sauce for dukkbogie is super thick and nice, handmade too… (Must try recommended). If you guys wanna try the sauce, pls try to be there early coz its sold out real fast…By the way, there’s a good korean restaurant beside it… also must try…

  10. Hi Maangchi

    Thanks for uploading the korean food videos.It’s very interesting.

  11. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,047 comments

    I know so many people from Singapore visit my website! That’s very nice! Thank you very much!

  12. donseboutje& has 2 comments

    yes, korean food is very popular in singapore. u can get korean stuffs at west mall shopping center at bt batok, or amara hotel shopping center at tg pagar. or north canal rd. i got my things fr there.i hope this will help chris? yes, i really hope u will have a visit to our country soon! u make korean cooking much easier now. thanks

  13. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,047 comments

    Yes, some recipes don’t have videos. You’re right.
    I hope I can visit Singapore to meet my fans someday!
    You are encouraging me a lot! Yes, I will keep posting my video recipes as many as I can.

  14. Sorry to disturb you again… :( Are you going to post some more recipe videos? I really do hope that you can come to Singapore for a fan club meeting! Have been spreading the news to people about this fantastic website… THANKS.

  15. I LOVE your recipes! Going to try then out soon(once I get the ingredients)! I have been watching the videos for the whole day! Some recipes do not have the videos though…

    Do you know where to buy Korean Kitchenware and those utensils in Singapore? By the way, do you know of any nice Korean restaurants in Singapore? Sorry to ask so many questions…

    THANKS IN ADVANCE… I look forward to your WONDERFUL reply!:)

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