Spicy stir-fried chicken with vegetables

Dakgalbi 닭갈비

Dakgalbi is a delicious, spicy grilled chicken dish that’s a popular choice for friends who are getting together to go out to eat. It’s a natively communal dish that’s always shared among a small, intimate group of people, so it naturally stimulates conversation and a good time. It’s pretty much impossible to eat dakgalbi in silence!

When you go to a restaurant with your friends and family and order dakgalbi, they’ll bring out a large skillet filled with the dakgalbi ingredients as well as some side dishes. While the skillet cooks on the tabletop, you and your friends can munch on side dishes and talk, and maybe order some drinks, too. The dakgalbi will cook nicely and the waitress will tell you: “Now you can eat!”


When you’re almost completely finished, you can ask the waitress: “We’d like some stir-fried rice please.” She’ll bring out some rice, mix it with the leavings in the skillet, and quickly fry up some spicy, stir fried rice. She might divide the rice into portions and serve it to everyone at the table, or she might just leave it in the pan and let everyone dig in. For many people I know, this is their favorite part!

Don’t have a dakgalbi restaurant near you? Now you can make it at home! Invite your family and friends over, and prepare all the ingredients.

“Are you guys ready to eat dakgalbi?” you can ask.

“Yes, yes!”

Bring out the pan filled with lots of vegetables, chicken, and the sauce, and cook it at the table. Your house will be full of an irresistible, delicious aroma, laughter, and conversation, I guarantee!

Enjoy the recipe! Let me know your dakgalbi stories: how you prepared it, how you modified the recipe, how many guests came over, and how much they loved loved loved it : ). I’m really interested in your stories, so tell me in the comments or upload a photo and tell me there.





  1. Cut the chicken into bite size pieces and put them into a bowl. Mix with 1 tablespoon soy sauce and  ground black pepper by hand or a spoon. Set aside.dakgalbi
  2. Prepare the sauce by combining garlic, ginger, hot pepper paste, hot pepper flakes, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, and cooking wine in a bowl. Mix it well with a spoon. If you  use a food processor, blend it until creamy for about 1 minute.dakgalbi_sauce
  3. Prepare a large, shallow, and wide pan or a grill for the dakgalbi. Spread the cabbage on the bottom of the pan. Add the onion, green chili pepper, carrot, rice cake, and sweet potato.
  4. Add the perilla leaves on top. You can cut them a few times or place the leaves whole. The leaves will shrink when cooked, so don’t be afraid to be generous!
  5. Put the marinated chicken in the center of the pan, on top of the vegetables. Put the sauce on top.dakgalbi_seasonings
  6. Cover and cook over medium high heat for 2 to 3 minutes. Stir with a wooden spoon so the pan doesn’t burn and the ingredients and sauce mix evenly.dakgalbi
  7. Lower the heat to medium and cover. Cook for another 20 minutes, or until it’s done. Keep stirring with a wooden spoon.dakgalbi
  8. Now you can eat. The cabbage will cook first, followed by the rice cake, chicken, and sweet potato, so eat in that order. Keep the heat low during the meal. Cook, stir, eat, and talk. The pieces will be hot, so be careful! If the dakgalbi becomes totally cooked, turn off the heat.닭갈비 (dakgalbi)dakgalbi (닭갈비)
  9. When it’s almost totally finished, add some rice and chopped kimchi to what’s left on the grill and stir with a wooden spoon over medium heat for a few minutes. Serve in separate bowls, or give everyone a spoon and let them eat from the pan together.




  1. bk2012515 Singapore joined 6/20 & has 2 comments

    Hi Maangchi
    Thank you for the lovely recipe.
    Can we use cilantro as a substitute for the perilla leaves? Thanks

  2. jsp73 joined 3/15 & has 30 comments

    Haha! Awesome! This turned out just like I remembered it in Korea (except I made mine spicier – with the hotter gochujang). I really disliked the food “trends” in Korea. 닭갈비 was big in Gyeonggi-do… so many 닭갈비 restaurants… then they mostly disappeared. The same was true with “Red Samgyupsal” (PLEASE post a recipe for that!) and Buldak (Hong Cho buldak – I made your recipe, but there was no comparison). They all disappeared. Anyhow, my massive 14 inch cast iron skillet worked just fine. I even doubled the recipe so my wife could have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Deeee-licious! Thank you!

    See full size image

  3. evelynrose Montana, USA joined 2/18 & has 3 comments

    Hi Maangchi! I love your videos and I even watch them when I’m doing intermittent fasting for my diet. I really want to make dakgalbi and I’m wondering if I have to soak my frozen rice cakes in hot water first before adding to the pan with vegetables and chicken. Or do I just thaw the frozen rice cakes in the refrigerator and add to the pan?

    Thanks for making such awesome videos! ❤️

  4. shaiksyahirah joined 6/15 & has 4 comments

    How many pax does this serve?

  5. Cornelius B. Ecuador joined 12/17 & has 42 comments

    Made Dakgalbi for the second time today. This time I had garaetteok and perilla leaves available, only left out the sweet potato, as combined with rice it contains carbohydrates more than enough.

    Substituted the green chillies with green bell pepper, as the local chillies are hotter than the korean ones, and with the gochujang it´s spicy enough for me.

    For marinating the chicken (breast this time), I added a little salt, minced garlic, some white wine, and a couple of drops of sesame oil to the soy sauce, then pan fried it before adding to the veggies: the result was very tasty, I can only recommend this.

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,077 comments

      I’m glad to hear that your Korean cooking is going well! I hope that there are some Korean ingredients easily available to you in Ecuador! I found 4 stores submitted by my readers: https://www.maangchi.com/shopping/ecuador

      • Cornelius B. Ecuador joined 12/17 & has 42 comments

        Kam sa ham ni da! Yes, I´m improving, and the main ingredients I can get in the korean groceries in Quito. My preferred store is Seoul Market, which I submitted to you myself. Only thing which seems impossible to get is korean pear: wanted to make Bulgogi.

        • Bianca Singapore joined 7/18 & has 1 comment

          Can you find any other types of pears? I have made bulgogi with other pears before, and the end result isn’t really that different :). You can even try using apples – I would stick to a sweet, less-tart variety though. Hope this helps!

  6. tpdullum Northwest Washington State joined 8/12 & has 7 comments

    Just a note – video show 1 teaspoon of kosher salt in the sauce but the printed recipe leaves that out. The salt is needed.

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