Sliced rice cake

Tteokgukyong-tteok 떡국용떡

This is a vacuum-sealed pack of sliced rice cake, which is used in rice cake soup. You can find this in the frozen section of the Korean grocery store, or you can make your own at home.

I used to make a huge amount of sliced rice cake by myself. What I did was soak short grain rice overnight and then take it to my local mill. They had a machine to steam the rice and make a large tube of rice cake out of it. I would bring this tube home and let it sit for a day so it would get solid. Then I took it back to the local mill and they sliced it for me. If I tried to cut it myself it was too much work.


These packages are more convenient. The taste is the same, the cakes are more uniform in size, no more blisters from slicing!

rice cake for ddeokguk

sliced rice cake


Recipes that use sliced rice cake (tteokgukyong-tteok):



  1. Mii - Li Qiu& has 1 comment

    hey can u pls sent me a recipe how to make this rice cake!!
    I went to some asian shop but couldnt find it!
    i live in australia so ..idk!!
    thankyou! =D

  2. I bought the rice cake yesterday. There were all ddeok guk ddeok, but i bought the cheaper one. It hasn’t a round shape, they rather look like sticks. Is that okay to make the rice cake soup, too?

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