These wheat noodles are very thin and white and are used in both hot and cold dishes. They are delightfully chewy! When using them in dishes, it’s generally best to get everything else ready and then cook the noodles last so you can enjoy them at their peak chewiness, before they go soggy.

You can find them in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese markets. Seal the package well and store in a cool place in the pantry.


thin wheat flour noodles

Very very thin! Make sure to buy the right ones so your kongguksu will be delicious.

Recipes that use thin wheat flour noodles (somyeon):


  1. Fatcat Poland, Warsaw joined 1/17 & has 2 comments

    Hey, isn’t it the same as japanese somen? Can’t find korean one ;(

  2. cjenifer California joined 8/10 & has 3 comments

    I have Japanese noodles. It says “tomoshiraga somen.” is this the same thing?

  3. sirdanilot Terneuzen, The Netherlands joined 10/09 & has 25 comments

    With difficulty I deciphered the Korean letters (using an online hangul chart) on a random bag of noodles I bought at the Korean store: it says GUKSU SOMYEON. Can I use these only for Kongguksu like it says on this page or can I put them in Jajangmyun, Jam Pong, etc. as well? Because I don’t really like the idea of cold noodles (not to mention it’s winter here!).

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