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“Anyeong Haseyo! from Mississauga, ON Canada”

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  • started 4 years ago by rhealities
  1. Anyeong Haseyo Everyone and Most Especially to Maangchi!!! I have been cooking a lot of korean dishes lately due to my addiction to the korean drama "Boys Over Flowers". I found a lot of websites that introduces korean cuisine, but nothing like Maangchi's Site. I love this site and I tried and cooked a lot of dishes from this site.

    to Maangchi: Kamsahamnida for your great efforts in teaching me and everyone how to cook korean cuisine. =)

  2. yay! thank you very much! kamsahamnida!

  3. Dear Ms. Maangchi,
    Please come to Mascoutah Illinois and open a Korean restaurant.
    you will be a hit for sure.
    The nearest Korean restaurant is in St Louis.
    so how about it ...

    Mrs. KC

  4. Hi Maangchi!

    my favorite grocery store here in Mississauga is PAT Oriental, which has all the ingredients that I need to cook korean cuisine. i wanted to learn the korean language as well and more cuisines, I hope we can be friends and exchange personal email addresses.

    kamsahamnida once again. =)

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