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“can I use a crock pot to ferment the kimchi?”

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  • started 9 months ago by hellokitty08
  1. Hi guys.

    Right now I'm using the regular big glass jar with the plastic lid that you can buy your kimchi in at the korean market but I want to know if I can use a crock pot instead. Something like this:

    Would that still work? Does it also taste better using a crock pot?

    Then I could use this to press down the kimchi to keep it intact while if ferments right? Something like this:

    Please let me know if using the big glass jar is better than the crock pot or vice versa. Thank you!!!

  2. Or can I use a ongii pot instead?

  3. I sometimes use onggi (earthenware crock) to ferment my kimchi. It tastes better than in a glass jar or an airtight plastic container. Do some experiments and let us know your own result, please.

  4. Thank you! I will try making kimchi using the onggi pot =)

  5. Can I use a stoneware crock pot or does it have to be earthenware?

  6. It doesn't matter if it's stoneware or earthenware, but they have to be glazed well inside and out.
    Maybe the reaction to this post will give you more information;

  7. hellokitty08,

    I use a ceramic crock (aka cookie jar) to ferment my kimchi. It has a lid. I put a piece of Saran wrap on top of the kimchi inside the crock so that it it covers the kimchi. Then I put a plate inside the crock on top of the Saran wrap to weigh it down. Then I put the lid on and set it aside and let it ferment. Once I'm happy with the firmentation I transfer the kimchi to Mason jars and put them in my kimchi fridge.



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