Hi everybody! Our New York kimchi tasting meetup was very fun, as I expected. It’s always awesome to get together with Korean food lovers! They are the most passionate, clever, open-minded and good-looking foodies that I know! :)

I brought the kimchi that I made in a traditional hangari and also rice and rice cake. I was surprised at all the wonderful things everyone else brought. It wasn’t mandatory to bring something, but we ended up having a great picnic in Bryant Park thanks to them.

Check out the photos!

“Ho ho! do we look cool? We woke up early in the morning today to get here to taste Maangchi’s kimchi and meet other Korean food fans!”

Voila! let’s get a close up our juicy kimchi! Fresh fresh kimchi stored in an earthenware pot and fermented naturally in the fridge for 3 weeks looks like this! It tasted super!

Kimchi cut into bite sized pieces is ready to be in our mouth in any minute! : )

It was one of our participants Roberth’s birthday! Kristi told me: “Maangchi, the meetup date is Robeth’s birthday. Shall I bake something for him?” I asked: “How did you know it’s his birthday?” Kristi said: “Oh I got that information on his FB wall” So I decided to make this rice cake called siruddeok to celebrate his birthday with all of us. Yummy!

This kimchi in the container was seasoned with hot pepper paste, chopped green onion, honey, sesame seeds, and toasted sesame oil. I made 1 roll of kimchi gimbap for everybody.

“Aww, aww, this bar gimbap is delicious! I’m going to make it when I go back home!”

Yay! it’s time to eat! Who made this? happy happy!

This is pan-fried tofu with seasoning sauce (dububuchim-yangnyeomjang)! What a great presentation! I think it will be a very popular dish at any potluck party.

Korean style rolled omelette (gyeranmari) and delicious kale side dish. Blanch some kale, chop it up and mix it with soy sauce, garlic, green onion, sesame seeds, and toasted sesame oil. Check out my spinach side dish (sigeumchi namul) and replace spinach with chopped kale. It was delicious!

Gyeranmari is a really good side dish for a picnic. It’s delicious and simple to make!

Korean green onion pancake (pajeon). Yummy!

Emergency kimchi made with cabbage. It was crispy and very tasty!

See the chocolate cream cake, kkakdugi (cubed radish kimchi), and corn salad mixed with cilantro, lemon.. I loved them all.

Lucie living in Long Island is growing some Korean vegetables in her garden. She gave me a bouquet of perilla leaves that she harvested! The minty flavor from the perilla leaves amused all of us during the meetup. I shared it with Kristi and Roberth. Thank you very much, Lucie!

How long have we known each other? This is our first time meeting! We are hooked up instantly because we all love the same thing. What is the same thing? Korean food! Besides we can cook Korean food!

I gave a mission to Paul. “Give me a sheet of kim when I need it.” : ) Paul’s friends who had never had spicy Korean food before were no exception. They had to taste my kimchi gimbap, too. fun fun!

All these serious looking foodies have one thing in common. Instead of eating food without thinking, they feel the food before and during each bite. “Umm~ what’s inside? hmm hmm, good good”

Yay, victory! victory for everything! This couple looks very similar! I mean their way of smiling. : )

We couldn’t finish eating all the kimchi. The leftover kimchi went in a bag to take home.

We never get tired of talking about food!

I met them a few years ago at the New York Pickle Festival. It was great meeting them again and listening to their Korean cooking experience!


  1. Great looking crowd you had there Emily!! Great looking food as well!! Wish I lived closer to you :( It looks like everyone had a wonderful tasty time :)

  2. mokpochica Michigan joined 1/09 & has 89 comments

    As usual, I am envious of all of you. Looks like a great meet-up with delicious food. One of these days I’ll have to be there!

  3. jierui Detroit joined 8/10 & has 7 comments

    Have you seen the K-drama Kimchi Family (aka Fermentation Family)? They pretty much make kimchi out of anything that will stand still long enough, lol. Seriously, I want ALL of those recipes!!!

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