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“HELP !!!! Name of an unknown sidedish”

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  • started 5 years ago by Sanhee
  1. Hi everybody,
    I have eaten this sidedish at this Korean restaurant which I would love to know the name and its ingredients
    It was cold sidedish which main ingredient appeared to be like white seaweed/fungus. It has a crunchy texture and a slightly bitter taste. I once thought it tasted like raw beansprouts. It was mixed with creamy mayonaise and sesame oil.
    If you happen to know or have eaten the dish I was talking about, please let me know its name and ingredients.
    Thanks alots,


  2. I think I found what u mean!

    Here is the directions on how to make it in english!!

    It's actually noodles not a plant. Anyways, Enjoy!! :)

  3. Sanhee,
    Hmmm, It sounds like doraji bokkeum (bellflower root).

    In the forum on my website, we had talked about doraji bokkeum dish before. Is this dish what you are looking for?

    I have not posted the dish yet, but will do someday in the future.

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