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“June 20th - Maangchi's second New York meetup”

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    Let me know if you're interested in coming! I'll contact you through your profile email.

    Let us know here what food you plan on bringing so we know what kind of food is coming.

    It doesn't matter if you're too busy to cook, you're still welcome, of course. A bottle of Coke is fine. But my prizes will go to people who cook.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you guys!

  2. I'm in! Not sure what kind of food yet...

  3. I'm me the details Maangchi! I marked my calendar for that day, can't wait to meet you!!!

  4. I would love to come! And I am definitely cooking... just need to figure out what. It'll probably be something easy for the subway ride, like jeon or kimchi bokkeum bap? I'll let you know soon!

  5. Coming for sure and cooking!

    Will be bringing Oi Muchim, Spicy Spinach not sigeumchi namool but another recipe I have and something else. I will post when I figure it all out. Looking forward to meeting everyone and enjoying the great Korean food.

  6. I definitely want to attend!! I have to make sure the timing will work since I'm heading upstate for a wedding that day...hope I can make it, would love to meet you all! Have a happy day.

  7. I'll be there but i am not sure what I'll be cooking yet depends on whether i can find the ingredients that I'm looking for

  8. I'm in! I'll post later what I will be cooking, I have to find the ingredients first. Can I bake a cake or make cookies? :) Or I'll even try to make something simple :)

  9. chihiro and i will join. we will cook something.


  10. My husband and I are coming!! We would like to bring mandu, because I really enjoy making them :-) Would our daughter be able to attend too? She's 7 months old. I can hire a sitter if not!

  11. Are you kidding? Your daughter will be the youngest participant in the meetup! : ) Welcome welcome!

  12. 저 는 진짜 갈래. But i can't this time. When are you coming to the midwest?

  13. Rice cake (gyungdan)- I'm going to try my best making them because it will be my first time and probably a bottle of soda or juice

  14. Do we have a time and location set yet?

  15. I'm in like flynn!
    Can't wait

  16. Do we know yet what time/where we're meeting?
    Any chance we can meet a teeny bit earlier - 10 or 11-ish? Just asking because I will have to leave pretty early...12 at the very latest.

  17. oh, I'm sorry to say this! We are going to meet at 12:00 pm and finish at about 2:30. I hope you can make it though. Anyway I will email all of you with time and location in a few days. I'm still waiting for more people's response.

  18. Hi, everybody,
    I’ve just emailed all of you to let you know about June 20th Meetup. Please email me if you don’t get the email at I’m looking forward to meeting you guys. We are going to have tons of fun! : )

  19. Hey!
    If you have not emailed me to confirm your coming, hurry up to email me. New York Korean Cultural Center will provide each of you with a book related Korean culture. Isn't it good news? : )
    I feel very supportive!
    So far the list of food that ppl bring is omelete rice, cake, spinach side dish, sweet and sour crispy beef (tangsuyuk), gyungdan (rice cake balls),mandu (dumplings), and rice, 3 kinds of kimchi, LA style beef ribs...

  20. I'm making Hwajeon!

  21. oh, ok!

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