June 20th 2009 NYC meetup

By Maangchi

Hello everybody and New Yorkers!

Let’s do another meetup in New York City on Saturday, June 20th, around 11 or 12. This time will be a little different. Bring one Korean dish that you made. I’m going to bring some prizes for the most delicious dishes. I’m also going to bring rice, kimchi, and bulgogi so we’ll all have lunch altogether.

If you’re too busy to make something, you can bring some Coke or fruit. And also bring some funny stories to tell and questions about Korean cooking. You can meet some new friends who are just like you, whose hobby is Korean cooking. All you guys should be good friends.

I need to know how many people are coming, so please sign up through my forum. You can simply say “I’m in!”

I can see your email there, but no one else can. Then I can email you the details.

See you soon!


  1. Reinier Rotterdam, The Netherlands joined 2/09

    Hi all,
    Have fun tomorrow, wish i could be there ;-)

  2. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,047 comments

    Hi, everybody,
    I’ve just emailed all of you to let you know about June 20th Meetup. Please email me if you don’t get the email at [email protected]. I’m looking forward to meeting you guys. We are going to have tons of fun! : )

  3. ha, should i make tangsuyuk? i’ll think about it.

  4. Reinier Rotterdam, The Netherlands joined 2/09

    In one korean take-out here in Rotterdam they sell for € 3,50 a piece. I am so not buying this……..

  5. Thanks a lot for this Maangchi!I bought the ready-to-eat one today at TnT supermarket because I’d been craving for it since yesterday after I watched this video. It was so expansive (the one I ate today). One for CAD$2. So not worth it since there was almost no filling in it. It was unagi but there was no unagi in it. Like, seriously, it was just the unagi sauce. -_-” Maybe you’ve eaten it before, the brand is DaeJangGeum I think.

  6. hi maangchi!
    i just want to so thank you soooooooooooooo much for this blog! my friend recently sent me the link to your blog and i absolutely love it! i’ve been looking all over the web to find a good website and never found something that explains step by step and i just can’t get over how thorough it is…..i think your blog is easier than all the korean cookbooks because you make it look so easy and it is! please don’t stop blogging:)!

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,047 comments

      Thank you very much! If you try out some recipes, let me know how they turn out.

      • i actually did make your soondooboo jigae…and it turned out great! i’ve made this dish before with other reciepes and it didnt turn out this tasteful! even my husband noticed the difference and he said it was really realy good. i think you are right when you say that the stock has to be good for it to turn out delicious”! i only put half the amount of fish sauce b/c i dont like things too salty and it was little blan….but it was still good. i can’t get over how much sodium is in the fish sauce!

  7. Hi!

    I really enjoyed your video on rice cake gifts… I LOVE them, and only recall making the songpyun with my grandmother when I was little girl. You look so skillful making them and make it look easy… You seem so charming and your videos are a joy to watch.

    By the way, in your list of future recipes, do you think you might make beejee chigae? I think I can attempt it, but don’t know exactly what kind of bean to buy…

    Thanks again for your videos and website!!

  8. Hi Maangchi,
    I’m from Switzerland, I was living in China and just fell in love with Asian Cuisine, now I’m again back in Switzerland. Since Switzerland is so poor with good Asian Food, I started to cook your recipies!! You recipies really have been saving me from starving ;)! thank you so much! And my family and friends also have been enjoying it!

    I just saw that you guys organize Meetups, that is so great to know! And actually I’m going to be in New York next week!! But only from 8th to 13th June, what a pity your meet-up is only the 20th. I would love to join you guys!!! Isn’t there any chance you guys will do something next week? Or at least where could I dine delicious korean or asian food in New York? It would be so great meeting you!



  9. Hi Maangchi, I would love to come to NY but I live in San Jose (really close to San Francisco). Any chance you would visit the bay area in the future? I enjoy watching all of your korean cooking videos and have attempt a couple of them myself. Can’t wait for your new videos!!

  10. where in nyc are you meeting?
    i hope its in bayside or flushing!

  11. cynthia& has 1 comment

    Awww Maangchi I would love to meet you and would love to hear great stories from you and others. Unfortunately I’m so busy that day, I have a class almost 6 hours and a wedding to attend to. I’m sobbing away now….

  12. I look forward to viewing it. 고맙습니다!

  13. 안녕 Maangchi!
    I do not know how to contact you personally so i thought I would leave a comment here. I was just wondering whether you would be able to teach us all how to make Bindaeddeok?? I would really love to try and make it!
    Please get back to me,
    좋은 하루 되세요 =]

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