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“Recipe Request for a Fish Dish”

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  • started 3 years ago by Anne
  1. Hi Maangchi,

    My mom used to make this fish stew but it's not the one listed on your site. It's more of a marinated fish dish. It's heavy on the soy and red pepper flakes. It has a sweetness to it as well. She would use some sort of white fish. Do you know what dish I am trying to describe? Need help!


  2. is it called jorim? my mom made a dish that was similiar. it had big pieces of radish and mackerel with alot of soy sauce, gochujang and sugar. it was braised with green onions and onions.

  3. GoDeungEo JoRim
    it loooks just like i remember it!

  4. My braised mackerel with radish recipe is online now. Thank you very much for your patience!

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