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“Sesame sundubu?”

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  • started 6 years ago by lina
  1. When I was in Tokyo recently I had lunch at Tokyo Sundubu ( and had a delicious sesame sundubu. On the English menu it was listed as 'Sesame tantan sundub.

    I was wondering if you have heard of anything similar or could name the ingredients?

    The one I had contained pork, tofu, mushrooms, mustard greens, shrimp and a few small scallops. I'm not sure what the sesame came from--the broth was much lighter than regular sundubu (check the pic here:

    Would sesame paste be the key ingredient?


  2. lina,
    I wish I could answer you! I have never had the Tokyo Sundubu.
    Is there anybody who knows about this food and the recipe?

  3. I wonder if this was maybe a Japanese take on sundubu. Have you ever heard of sesame paste being used in Korean cooking?

    Thanks :)

  4. lina,
    I use raw wild sesame seeds powder(들깨 가루: deul kkae garu) in some vegetable side dishes. I'm going to post the recipes someday in the future. Thank you!

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