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“spicy chicken dish”

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  • started 5 years ago by jimfro
  1. Hi, thank you for all of your recipes and videos....i taught in korea for three years and fell in love with the food. there was a wonderful chicken dish I loved eating. It was chicken pan fried in a hot and spicy sauce and near the end chopped cabbage was added and cooked for a few more minutes.Any idea of what this dish is called and if so can you provide the recipe! thanks for all you do!!

  2. jimfro,
    I think the chicken dish is "dakgalbi"(닭갈비). Check this out

    If it's not what you are looking for, let us know.

    dakgalbi is already included in the list of my future cooking recipe video.

  3. The first thing I thought of was Dak Torey Tung - It is made in a sizzling skillet on the table, chicken, spices, veggies etc. are added while cooking as well as hot chili sauce. It's one of my favourite Korean dishes. My husband and I had that on our first date in Seoul.

  4. sparksals,

    Our family also love Dakdoritang, we had it in South Korea few weeks ago, very very yummy.


    Is it possible to teach us Dakdoritang?
    I have tried a recipe I found on the net but it just did not taste like the very red and spicy Chicken and Potatoes stew we had in South Korea.

  5. sure, dakdoritang! By the way, these days it's called "dakbokkeum". My dakdoritang recipe is very simple. I just use chicken, spicy seasoning, potatoes, and onion. That's what i learned from my grand mother. I will post the video recipe later. Thank you!

  6. Sounds like Dalk Galbi. A personal favorite. Tried making it at home using gochujang but something was missing. There is something else in the sauce. Would love to know. Thanks!!

  7. Any chance you'll post the dakbokkeum recipe soon? I've got a friend craving it ;)

  8. My dakgalbi recipe was posted today!
    And dakbokkeumtang recipe is here:

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