Doljaban muchim is very delicious, flavorful, and one of the easiest side dishes to prepare. The main ingredient, doljaban, is also called gimjaban, and its texture and flavor are very similar to kim (seaweed paper), which is used for making gimbap. If you like the flavor of kim, you’ll love this side dish. It’s one of my favorite side dishes for doshirak (Korean lunch in a box).


Doljaban, garlic, green onions, soy sauce, sugar, toasted sesame oil, sesame seeds.


In a large mixing bowl, add 3 cloves of minced garlic, 3 chopped green onions, 3 tbs soy sauce,  ⅓ cup water, 1 tbs sugar or honey, 3 tbs toasted sesame oil,  and  mix well with a wooden spoon

  1. Measure 100 grams of doljaban from the package.
  2. Tear or crush the doljaban into small pieces with both hands and place it in the seasoning sauce in the bowl.
  3. Mix it well until moisture is absorbed.
  4. Sprinkle 2-3 tbs roasted sesame seeds and mix it together.
  5. Serve with rice, kimchi, soup, and a few more side dishes.

You can keep it in the fridge up to 1 week.

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  1. Heidifromoz Perth joined 5/18 & has 6 comments

    Ok, if I can’t get the doljaban (am in Australia and our local Korean store doesn’t have it) can I sub nori sheets? Not ideal but it’s a case of working with what you have, Also, too expensive to import direct from Korea.

  2. ameyliana Indonesia joined 8/18 & has 1 comment

    thanks for your recipe, i want try.. but i want asking about the seaweed…
    i have the similar shape of the seaweed like in your video but I think my seaweed not as chrunchy as yours and i never try the taste before,, I always use that seaweed only for soup.. can I use it to for doljaban muchim??

  3. John in Baton Rouge Baton Rouge Louisiana joined 12/16 & has 40 comments

    This is fantastic! I made this yesterday. I used honey instead of sugar, because I love honey. Love the delicious flavors of this dish. I just ate some with steamed rice – then I flossed my teeth :) Where has Korean food been all my life? I love it! I find myself going through withdrawals when I’m out of town and cant readily get it…

  4. HW joined 11/15 & has 4 comments

    My fav side dish in korean restaurants. Can’t believe it is so simple!

    See full size image

  5. Seki47 MN joined 3/13 & has 3 comments

    Thank you for such wonderful recipes! I make them for my family all the time and they love them. I have also made Kimbap for my Taekwondo Masters who are both from Korea and they were very excited and enjoyed it very much. Thank you!
    I do have a question though. Are you using regular sesame oil or toasted sesame oil? The type I find at my Asian markets are all toasted so is that the kind I should use when a recipe calls for sesame oil?

  6. openoceans Seoul joined 7/12 & has 1 comment

    Hello Maangchi! I’ve been using your started for over a year now and I have a quick question. Can I can substitue 마른김 to make doljaban?

  7. Shanneene Australia joined 5/12 & has 8 comments

    I am going to try and make this. Had a bit of trouble so far. The nearest korean grocery shop is about 40 minutes from my home, and my car has been deciding it doesn’t want to start, so I have to wait until it gets fixed, until I can go to the grocery shop. The auto mechanic isn’t open on Sunday, so I have to call them first thing Monday morning, so I can get my car working. When I make this, I will see how it turns out, and report back on the taste :)

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

      It’s not easy to get Korean ingredients, right? I hope yours turns out good!

      • Shanneene Australia joined 5/12 & has 8 comments

        I couldn’t get the seaweed that you used :( The one I got was in a huge package, and it was of a very HARD texture, and it is extremely salty. The first lot I tried was soooo salty, so I kept on having to add sugar and more sugar to make the salty taste seem not as harsh. I only used around a little over half of this seaweed. The rest of it, I will soak and get it to soften up (as well as get rid of the overly salty taste) and try it again, and see what happens. Worse case scenario, I will have to look for the right seaweed. Which is strange, because when I asked in various Korean grocery shops if they had ‘Doljaban’ they stared at me as if they didn’t know what I was talking about. And then when I said ‘Muchim’ they took me to where they sold packets of some fried pre-made stuff, and I was like ‘No, I want to make some myself’. And the one I am soaking right now, it has become to look like kelp straight out of the sea, lols. But oh well, I’ll use it. Waste not, want not. I think I may have some trouble finding the correct seaweed for this recipe. I may have to order some from the internet. Do you know of any sites that ship Doljaban to Australia? Or, by some chance, would you know of any distributors in Australia that may stock it?

  8. Charmaine Singapore joined 6/11 & has 18 comments

    I have made this! It was AWESOME :D

  9. Canuckie joined 3/11 & has 1 comment

    Dear Maangchi

    I tried to find all the ingredients to make your recipe for Seasoned Seaweed and I am having a hard time finding the ingredient called Doljaban.

    I went to a popular Korean shopping market and they said there is no such thing as Doljaban? and that I need to use Wojaban? but they didn’t have that instock either!!!

    please let me know if there is anything else I can use.

    ended up buying the already made seasoned seaweed at their store.

    thank you!!

  10. Imre The Netherlands joined 11/09 & has 13 comments

    Wow Maangchi, this looks great!!
    I am definitely going to try and make this recipe. The crispy Korean seaweed (laver) is also one of my favourites.
    So I think I will love this too! Will have to find the doljaban first and I’ll let you know how it turned out!
    Bye bye! Imre

  11. zipurlip2 USofA joined 7/11 & has 20 comments

    Hi Maangchi!
    Thank you so very much for sharing your recipes and teaching us what you know! I made this recipe tonight, because where I live it is now very warm and humid. I wanted to make a light meal, so I chose to make Japanese somen noodles. These are light noodles usually eaten in the summertime. I made all kinds of side dishes to go w/the noodles and your ‘Doljaban Munchim’ was one of them. Everybody enjoyed this! And yes, be careful of the black plague! That and the sesame seeds between your teeth will keep you busy ~ after dinner activity??? :oD

  12. JamieF New Zealand joined 1/11 & has 120 comments

    This side dish is now one of my all time favorites. I made it last night and put out quite a large plate full – almost all of it got eaten! Everyone loved it. It is also very quick to make. I think this will be on all my future dinner menus :) Thanks for another great recipe Maangchi!

  13. vb38 joined 7/10 & has 36 comments

    I am not sure but they do look like those commercially prepared ones that I hv been buying…. oops! OMG, they are so so very yummy!!!! My question is same as samitadassarkar, can i use kim (for kimbap) instead to mk this side dish?? Can’t wait to try making it at home!

  14. JamieF New Zealand joined 1/11 & has 120 comments

    That looks so tasty! Kim is one of my favorite flavors so I know I will love this. I can’t wait to buy the doljaban to try it out!

  15. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    yes, I think so. Roast the kim before crushing it into small pieces and mix with seasoning sauce. Check out my rice cake soup video if you want to know how to roast kim (dried laver)

  16. samitadassarkar chicago joined 2/09 & has 8 comments

    Can I use kim to do this ?

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