"Yukhe" or "Jook Hae" Korean Steak Tartar Recipe

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    Please provide us with a detailed method for preparing Korean Steak Tartar at home. This is one of my favorite dishes and no Korean restaurant here will attempt it. I expect to use beef tenderloin or sirloin.



    Depending upon where you are at the health department may not allow serving raw meat. For this you should only buy the meat from a reliable source.

    To make this Yukhoe 육회 I used tenderloin, black pepper, salt, sesame oil, sesame seeds a touch of chili oil, elephant ear garlic, green onion, egg and Asian pear. It is sitting on Korean perilla leaves.

    First I chilled the serving plate and a small bowl lined with plastic wrap. I mixed the tenderloin, black pepper, salt, sesame oil, sesame seeds and a touch of chili oil but into the small bowl. Placed the bowl in the fridge while I prepped the garlic and pear (these could also be diced up and added to the meat) and egg.

    Took cold plate out of fridge put on the perilla leaves, garlic and pear. Took meat out of the fridge using plastic wrap to take meat out of the bowl this allowed it to hold shape. Put it on the plate and made a small dip in the top of the meat. Added egg and garnish then served immediately.




    Powerplantop, your yukhwe photo looks great! The green onion garnished on top of the yukhoe looks very artistic! : )

    yes, yukhoe is one of my upcoming video recipes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yukhoe

    It was requested by someone else a while ago, too




    M, thank you. When I made this one the main reason for it was to take the photo. But it was still for eatting also.



    My yukhoe recipe is on! Thank you for your patience!


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