Perilla seeds powder

Deulkkae-garu 들깨가루

Powder made from ground perilla seeds is used to thicken and add a nutty, herbal flavor and creamy texture to many soups and stews, as well as vegetable dishes. Remove all the air in the package after opening, seal it well, then put it in another bag and store in the freezer.

perilla seeds powder

You can find perilla seeds powder in a Korean grocery store in the grain section near the sesame seeds. Usually whole toasted perilla seeds can be found there, too, so in a pinch you can buy those and use them as a substitute. To prepare the whole seeds, first grind some seeds in a blender with some water to make a watery sludge. Then use a fine strainer to separate the liquids from the solids, and then further squeeze the solids with a wooden spoon to get every last drop. Discard the solids and use the milky liquid in your cooking.

Perilla seed powder (deulkkae-garu: 들깨가루)



Recipes that use perilla seeds powder (deulkkae-garu):


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    I only saw wild sesame seed powder. It has a darker color than what what you used in your video. It really doesn’t taste nutty like regular sesame seed. Is there a difference between the lighter and darker perilla powder? Am I supposed to prep it in some way?

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