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Kosari 고사리

In the spring in Korea people gather kosari from the mountains. At that time it’s green and fresh, so it can be eaten right away. They blanch and cook it.

They also dry kosari until it’s brown and thin as thread. If you buy dried kosari in the store, you’ll have to boil and soak it until it’s soft before you can cook with it.

Here’s how to soak and prepare dried kosari:

  1. Put the kosari in pot of cold water. 1 cup of kosari will need more than 20 cups of water.
  2. Boil it for 30 minutes, then let it soak in the hot water for about 6-8 hours. I usually boil it at night and let it soak until morning.

Fresh or dried (and soaked) kosari can be used for yukgaejang or bibimbap.


dried fernbrake

dried fernbrake

dried kosari


soaked kosari

Recipes that use fernbrake (kosari):



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